Non Woven Abrasives are made from a three dimensional open structure of NYLON Fibers impregnated with abrasive grains held together by resin to form a loose webbing. Non Woven Abrasives are available in various forms such as Rolls, Hand Pads, Belts & Wheels.

Non Woven Abrasives are designed to provide the operator with a controlled & sustained stock removal and finish. As the Nylon fibers of the products wear away, fresh abrasive grains are continuously exposed, providing a consistent finish. The spring like construction of Non Woven Abrasive greatly reduces the risk of gouging & under cutting of the work piece.


Non Woven Abrasive Wheels are designed for use with air & electric hand tool as well as small bench grinder. Non Woven Abrasive materials interleaved with flaps of coated abrasive provide a resilient backing that eliminates the layover effect encountered with conventional abrasives flap wheel. Interleaved flap wheels generate a deep uniformed scratch pattern, which is significantly more aggressive than non-interleaved variety of wheel.

Non Woven Abrasive belts are used for surface conditioning. These belts have a woven fabric embedded in the Nylon structure to provide additional strength & durability for edge work, deburring & efficient blending of metals.


  • Deburring: Removing exit burrs, weld splatters, die cast flash & parting lines.
  • Blending: Mill & Tools marks & uneven edges.
  • Cleaning: Corrosion, Paints, Coatings & Rust.

MATERIALS: Aluminium Oxide, Silicon Carbide (Black)


  • Rolls in size of 6”x25mtrs.
  • Hand pads in size of 6”x9”.
  • Belts are available in width of 2” to 6”. Length as per specification.
  • Wheels are available from a minimum of 25mm diameter to as per specification.
GRIT: Coarse, Medium, Fine, Very Fine.
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